Soft Puppy Warm House

Video: Nova at Agility Class

It’s been a while since I posted a video of our agility practice, so here’s some footage from tonight’s class. I’m really proud of her weaves and she stayed pretty focused even when I messed up the handling!

New Windows!

We’ve had two windows in our house that weren’t under warranty and so we began looking into getting a new kitchen window and a new guest bathroom window. I’m not sure how well it came out in the photos, but the seal on these windows was broken which meant they were constantly fogging up and leaking air.

  • DSC_1695
  • DSC_1696

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Photo of the Day: Sun


I was hoping to get the sun a bit higher, but I was a few minutes late.

Photo of the Day: Up

Nova knows a “dance” command that means get on your hind legs and move around.


Photo of the Day: Welcome

I know last month was an epic fail in posting a new photo every day of the month, so for now, I’ll post photos as I’m able.


Nova’s “welcome” almost always involves barking. The first part to ward off intruders and then to scold you for leaving her. The second is often done with a bone / antler in her mouth.

September Photo Challenge: Day 11: Hero


A day late and not a new photo, but it’s the best I could come up with.

September Photo Challenge: Day 10: Game

  • IMG_5612
  • IMG_5573


It was raining all day today so we played some indoor games. Today we did random tricks. Pictured are shake (her right paw), touch (nose to hand), and our newest trick, pretty (sitting with front legs off the ground).