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September Photo Challenge: Day 11: Hero


A day late and not a new photo, but it’s the best I could come up with.

September Photo Challenge: Day 10: Game

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It was raining all day today so we played some indoor games. Today we did random tricks. Pictured are shake (her right paw), touch (nose to hand), and our newest trick, pretty (sitting with front legs off the ground).

September Photo Challenge: Day 9: Catching Zs

Sorry this is a day late. It’s difficult to get a picture of Nova actually sleeping and she didn’t really slow down yesterday.


Here we captured Nova taking a rare afternoon nap.

September Photo Challenge: Day 8: Treats


Here are a few of Nova’s treats. Not pictured are Tricky Trainer Chicken and Bowser’s Best Bison. We also use strong cheese, plain chicken, and hot dogs. Everything is on a rotation with multiple flavors so she doesn’t get bored.

September Photo Challenge: Day 7: Seven


Yeah, we weren’t really sure what to do with this topic, so we just took 7 photos of Nova on our fireplace we finished way back in March. The other six photos are after the break.

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September Photo Challenge: Day 6: My Spot


Nova’s favorite spot in on the back of the couch. We always have to warn guests of this because she will find a way to get up there, even if it means jumping over your head.

September Photo Challenge: Day 5: Portrait


Nova, just lying on the ground look fluffy.


Nova does her best “first day of school” pose.


“Hi, Guys!”


Nova did a great job with her “stand” control position to let us get this shot!